Vaudeville Ventures deck system
Vaudeville venture's new deck making system is a project that aiming to creating a better workflow between our strategists and designers base on google slides.
When making a deck, our strategists will directly create content on google slides, they will copy and paste old designs on the new deck, at the same time, designers need to design new layouts to fit in the new contents. At the end, designers also need to unify all the design into one theme. It takes a lot of back and forth, and since strategists copy the whole slide from one deck to an other, it makes one deck has multiple themes which makes a huge mess when doing finial clean up. What's worse, since designers need to spend most of their time redoing the layouts, they don't have a lot of time doing creative work.
The new workflow introduce a new way to creating deck. By creating a layout and icon library base on the previous design. Before any deck creation happen, designers will design a master template according to client's requirements. At the same time, designers will establish a set of font and layout that allows our strategists just need to simply fill in their contents to complete the deck.
Director: Lin Zhou